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    YousefNov 8, 2023 at 12:05 PM


    There is absolutely no moral equivalence between Israel’s actions and the actions of Hamas. Hamas attacked Israeli civilian towns and murdered babies by cooking them alive in ovens, raped women, murdered whole families, and took hostages. Israel in response has resolved to never allow that to happen again. That is accomplished by eliminating Hamas from power in Gaza.

    Israel is not at fault for striking Hamas military targets that result in civilian casualties if those military targets are using civilian facilities as shields. Hamas has been preventing civilian groups from leaving and intentionally uses hospitals, schools, or dense civilian areas as covers. The dead civilians are on Hamas not Israel.

    Hamas is genuine authentic Islam. They are following the commands of their bloodthirsty prepubescent-child marrying prophet to fight those who do not believe in allah, to fight the Jews and Christians, to dominate and subjugate the whole world under the will of a seventh century arabian caravan robber. What they are doing is wholly consistent with the example laid out for them. Read Islamic history and you will stumble across things like the battle of khaybar, the conquest of Mecca, and the marching orders their false prophet gave the early caliphs which they promptly carried out.

    Hamas will never stop until every Jew in the world and Israel are wiped off the map. Read their 1988 charter. It is translated and available on Yales website. Therefore nothing but the elimination of Hamas will suffice to keep Israel from suffering another attack like 10/7.

    Think about it, if Israel wanted to just murder Palestinian why haven’t they already? They already have air superiority, they could’ve at any time glassed the entire strip but have not.