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Ashley Averill is a design editor and contributor for The Oakland Post. She works with a team of copy editors and graphic designers to create the graphics for articles and design the layout of pages. She first developed a love for journalism when she worked as a photo editor and photographer for the Seaholm Piper and Highlander back in high school.

A senior at Oakland University, Ashley joined The Post in Summer 2019 as a copy editor and soon began creating graphics and writing stories.  She is proudest of her cover design of the September 11, 2019 issue of The Post.

She has a photography business she started in high school and creates marketing material for local businesses — such as business cards, brochures and product labels — in her spare time.

Ashley is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in communication and minoring in Advertising within the school of journalism. After graduation in Spring 2020, she hopes to begin a career in advertising or design.

Ashley Averill

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Ashley Averill