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Every bottle counts: Tiffany Bellomo, Oakland sophomore, raises funds to support Kids Against Hunger

By Kailee Mathias

April 15, 2014

Oakland sophomore Tiffany Bellomo raises funds to support Kids Against Hunger through fundraisers and bottle drives.Kids Against Hunger is a non-profit, non-religious affiliated association that aims to feed hungry children al...

Mentorship program a success after its first year, moving for a second

By Kaylee Kean

April 15, 2014

Graduation is approaching, and with it the fear of the unknown. Students have begun to ask themselves: What do I do now? Where should I go?One program has risen to try to dispel these fears and make students more prepared for...

Illustrator Matt Kish’s anticipated visit draws attention

By Kailee Mathias

April 8, 2014

A student-driven American Studies conference is held in anticipation of Matt Kish visiting OU.  The American Studies program of the English Department held a conference of student presentations leading up to keynote speaker, Matt Ki...

WXOU celebrates 48 years with ‘Birthday Bash’

Sam Schlenner

March 25, 2014

They belt out an a capella. He waves her off. “Stop. Stop.” “What? I thought that was pretty good.” “Ko Ko, you have low standards.” “Well, you married me.” The Hard Lessons was just one of f...

Cracking the case: Writing Center event turns students into detectives

By Kailee Mathias

March 21, 2014

Nelli Keyhoe’s remains were found in a milk cart.Now, the question is: who did it?Murder Mystery Night, hosted by the Oakland University Writing Center, invited students to crack this case, along with three others. The cases wer...

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