Police Files: September 12, 2018

Ben Hume, Staff Reporter

Tempers boil over

Oakland University Police Department dispatch received a call from a resident having a verbal altercation with one of her suitemates on Jan. 9, 2018. As officers were dispatched to the scene, a second call was received from the same student, who said the situation had grown worse and her other suitemates had gotten into a physical altercation.

Upon arrival, officers found an overturned pot of noodles with water covering the floor and the caller in the exterior stairwell. The victim explained to officers that she had only verbal altercations with her angry suitemate, and when the officers further investigated the room, they found a second victim applying cold water to her leg in the shower. The second victim told officers that the angry suitemate had thrown multiple items at her, the final one being a pot full of boiling noodles.

The victim on the stairwell was asked if she wanted to speak with an officer in a squad car outside, and she decided she did want to press charges. The burn victim later said she wished to press charges.

Online dating takes a turn

A female student came into OUPD’s police station to report a male attempting to extort money or sex from her on March 12, 2018. The victim stated that four weeks prior, she began talking to a male on the dating app Plenty of Fish. They both eventually agreed over the app to meet at a nearby hotel and have sex.

Upon arriving, the victim stated she changed her mind and no longer felt comfortable having sex, which both had talked about being an option beforehand. If either didn’t wish to have sex, they agreed to go their separate ways.

Two days later, the victim received a vile series of texts threatening to expose her and make her go viral, suggesting he had information on her private life. His ultimatum was to give him back his money or to give him the promised sex. At this point, the victim decided to seek help from OUPD. The victim gave OUPD the number and Snapchat username of the blackmailer, and after a few days reported to police that she did not wish to press charges.