Different Resources on Campus to Ace this Semester


Dongfu Han/ Oakland Post archives

Writing Center, located on the second floor of the Kresge Library, offers writing assistance during the semester with tips and editing for papers.

Patrick Sullivan, Web Editor

Whether you’re returning for your second or third year at college, or if you’re a brand new freshman, that first semester of the school year can be a little daunting. Luckily, there are many different resources that you can utilize around campus to help you succeed academically.

The Writing Center
If a student is looking for help editing a paper or needs advice on how to transfer their thoughts onto paper, The Writing Center is a great place to go. Located in Kresge Library, students can make appointments with consultants at The Writing Center to not only receive help on a paper, but also to develop their skills with grammar or learn more about different writing styles such as APA or MLA.

Academic Peer Mentors
Located in the residence halls, Academic Peer Mentors are students that are trained to help residents with classes or subjects they may be struggling with, either through clarification of a topic or through tutoring. An Academic Peer Mentor, or APM, is assigned to each floor of the residence halls, and their goal is to help make sure students can succeed academically.
APMs also offer Tutor Nights from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. on Monday through Thursday in different residence halls. These Tutor Nights are open to everyone, so both residents and commuters can come receive help if they need it.
“If I could do one thing different my freshman year, I would learn to seek help academically when I needed it,” said Chukwuebuka Unobagha, a senior academic peer mentor in Hillcrest Hall.

The Tutoring Center
Aside from the Academic Peer Mentors, another academic resource on campus is The Tutoring Center. The Tutoring Center offers free peer tutoring for a wide variety of subjects, and can help clarify course content and different assignments from courses.
The Center also offers free Supplemental Instruction sessions for certain courses, which are run by trained students that have already completed the course. These sessions offer students a place to study and prepare for a course they might be struggling with.

The Student Technology Center
At The Student Technology Center, students have access to different tech items, from cameras to tablets, that are available for checkout. Alongside this checkout program, the STC offers a technology mentoring program where students can have any technology related questions answered, as well as learn more about different software programs.

Along with the resources listed above, there are a variety of other routes you can take to help achieve academic success. Students can study in Kresge Library, go to their professor’s office hours or visit their academic advisers. If students take advantage of these free academic support services around campus, the first semester will become a lot less daunting.