Deadline extended


Campus Editor

The deadline for turning in candidate applications for Oakland University Student Congress was extended from Feb. 4 to Feb. 11.

Jennifer Doptis, head of the election committee, said this was to get more applicants for 2009-2010.

Some currently on the OUSC executive board are running for a position, like Kristin Dayag, OUSC director of multicultaral affairs, who said she will run for president.

Others, like OUSC student services director Andrew Bashi, are graduating this semester.

Bashi said he believes they will get more applicants this year.

“Originally, we wanted to give the candidates more time to campaign,” he said. They thought it was more important to get more applicants.

“It’s going to be an interesting election, that’s for sure,” Bashi said. “Lot of people will be interested in running, but are they the right people?”

Applications are outside the OUSC office in 62 Oakland Center.