Banned from campus

On Feb. 26 at approximately 7:39 a.m., Oakland University Police Department responded to a suspicious person report on the first floor of Wilson Hall, according to an OUPD report. Upon arrival, an OUPD officer approached Harry Nguyen, a 41-year-old native of Vietnam.

When questioned about his reason for being on campus, Nguyen said he was waiting for a ride from his friend, Chen Lee. After being extensively questioned by the officer, Nguyen said he was conducting mechanical engineering research with Lee. A search by OUPD found no records of Lee as an employee.

Nguyen said he worked in construction in warehouses in Detroit. He said he had only been to Oakland University once, about a year before and that Lee had requested meeting him outside Wilson Hall before heading over to Applebee’s for breakfast. Applebee’s does not open until 11 a.m. At the time of the incident, OUPD believed Nguyen did not pose a threat to the campus and let him leave campus.

After alerting Detective David Birkholz and Captain Mark Gordon of the situation, Gordon directed OUPD to arrest Nguyen for trespassing. The same officer that initially contacted Nguyen spotted him entering the McDonalds located at Five Points Drive and Squirrel Road. After stating he didn’t need help, Nguyen was taken into custody.

During processing, Nguyen claimed that OUPD were like communists in the way they were treating him. While being processed, Nguyen made several derisive comments about the United States, saying that the Vietnam War was still going on, and the United States had “monkey laws” while being processed.

Nguyen has been banned from campus.

— Based on an OUPD report. A version of this story titled “Banned from campus” that ran on the March 4 issue contained factual errors.