Assaulted at home


Staff Reporter

Two Oakland University students have been assaulted in the past three weeks. The earliest assault came in mid-February and was the first in a series of several incidents in student residences.

The recent events have left many students wondering about the sudden increase in on-campus violence.

“The past few weeks make me wonder why it happened,” said OU senior Paul Santini, who lives in the student apartments. “I’m going to be more cautious about watching out for people and just being more aware on campus.”

On Feb. 18, an OU junior was attacked in his apartment by two masked assailants, neither of whom he was able to identify, according to an OU Police Department report.

After being woken at 4 a.m. by loud knocking, the student opened the door and the assailants ran in and began beating him, the report said.

The report said that the student was unable to fight off the attackers and received a blow to the head from his guitar. Eventually he managed to break free, ran to a friend’s apartment and contacted OUPD.

For students who worry that similar incidents may happen to them, the OUPD claim that the assault was not a random event. An ongoing investigation has revealed more details.

“We are reasonably certain that this was not a random event,” said OU Police Chief Sam Lucido. “Therefore, we’d like to reassure the residential population that OU remains very safe.”

Two days later on Feb. 20, a student in Fitzgerald House reported another assault, this time from a known assailant, her former boyfriend.

According to the OUPD report, OUPD dispatched an officer to Fitzgerald, where the victim told the officer about a series of threats and physical violence by her ex-boyfriend.

“The OUPD will seek a domestic violence warrant,” said Officer Brett Vanderford. “The victim was given a copy of the Information for Victims of Domestic Violence form.”

In the same incident, OUPD recovered a loaded magazine from a handgun, which the victim alleges her assailant carries with him at all times.

“We want to address all concerns,” Lucido said. “We rely on our community to inform us.”

Police investigations are ongoing for both incidents, and students are encouraged to call or text OUPD at 248- 370-3333 or dial 911 from any campus phone if they see any suspicious behavior or crimes in progress.

Students are also suggested to save the OUPD number into their cell phones, and sign up for the alert notification at, which sends text messages and/or voicemails to phones in emergencies.