Students advised to keep an eye on belongings

As the second half of the semester continues and studying becomes more rigorous, it might be a good idea to keep a close watch on your belongings when studying in Kresge Library.

Two weeks ago, five Oakland University students reported having items stolen at Kresge Library. The lifted items included cell phones, laptops and textbooks.

OU Police Department Lt. Mel Gilroy said theft has been especially concentrated at Kresge this year.

“It certainly has been this year,” Gilroy said. “If you’re the thief, where are people going to be studying? Where are they going to leave their stuff?”

Gilroy also said that there were recently three thefts reported in one day in areas adjacent to women’s restrooms in other buildings on campus.

Gilroy went on to say that most of the thefts occurring at Kresge are easily preventable, as long as students take responsibility for their own possessions.

“One of the real problems is people aren’t paying attention to their property,” Gilroy said. “They don’t understand how vulnerable their stuff is. Based on recent activity at the library, we highly recommend people don’t leave their property unattended.”

Administration at Kresge would not comment on the record but one administrator said that the latest outbreak of thefts is an isolated occurrence and that Kresge is a safe place to study.

Recently, Kresge administrators have placed notices on a number of the tables advising students not to leave their possessions unattended.

Gilroy said all of the thefts are being investigated, though none have been resolved. He also said there is a possibility that a number of, if not all, the thefts were committed by the same person.

“We don’t have hard suspect information at this point,” Gilroy said.

Freshman engineering major Neel Patel said he was not aware of the recent string of thefts but now that he knows about them, he will keep a more watchful eye on his possessions while studying in Kresge.

“I would try to, whenever I am going some place else just for a couple minutes, to take my stuff with me,” Patel said.

Patel said he thinks it might help if there was security on each floor to look out for potential thieves.

Carolyn D’Almeida, a freshman biology major, also said she was not aware of the thefts until she read the notice at table she was studying.

“I usually spend a lot of time in the library, because I’m a commuter student,” D’Almeida said. “That is really surprising to me.”