Last chance to vote


Staff Intern

On second day of voting for student congress, the election was clearly advertised, at least in the Oakland Center.

There were paper foldouts on the tables in the Pioneer Food Court and elsewhere in the OC.

On Monday and Tuesday, election volunteers sat at tables with computers, asking passerby students to vote.

“Turnout has been pretty good today,” said Jennifer Doptis, election manager, on Tuesday, March 24. “Yesterday went well also but we don’t have the exact numbers yet.”

She said the exact numbers of voters won’t be ready until Thursday, and the results will be announced Friday, March 27 in the OC Fireside Lounge at noon.

Many students had different views on the election. Some were well informed while others were either apathetic or unaware of the elections.

“A lot of people were talking about the election, but only one candidate talked to me about their campaign,” sophomore Sylvia Chetcuti said, referring to presidential candidate Anthony Ivone.

Others are voting for Kristin Dayag.

“They [Dayag and Saman Waquad] were the only ones that took the initiative to get opinions, I know that they are very active on campus,” said junior Curshawn Jackson.

“I worked with Saman and Kristin in the past and I think that they have great initiatives,” said senior Bree Kopson. “They are very involved and have worked in different capacities.”

Sophomore Stephan Vanderford, picked Janelle Arbuckle for president.

“Her opinions and views can help shape Oakland to make it a better university,” Vanderford said.

Junior Erik Anderson is backing Mark Medaugh for president.

“I voted for Mark because he’s making real promises,” Anderson said. “I like that he wants Kresege Library open for 24 hours because I’m here during the off hours and I might want to study at 2 a.m.”

Some students on the other hand, are not voting.

“I really don’t care about the elections,” said freshman Keara Bradley.

“I’m not voting because I don’t know enough about the candidates and I haven’t done an adequate job researching them,” said junior Dan Orow.