Stewart vs. Cramer backlash


Senior Reporter

The feud between Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart and CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer came to a conclusion Thursday (link) when Stewart invited Cramer onto “The Daily Show” to have a battle of wits. But the end result was less a battle and more a one-sided bit by bit deconstruction of Jim Cramer, who did little to defend himself.

The argument began last week when Stewart argued that CNBC had failed to do its job in warning investors about the recent financial implosion. Cramer took particular exception to the remarks, and then various media outlets proceeded to blow it out of proportion by billing their disagreement as a hyped-up grudge match. Everyone from Joe Scarborough to Martha Stewart was egging Cramer on and adding fuel to the fire.

But when it came time for the two to meet face- to- face, Cramer was overly apologetic about what he admitted were mistakes, particularly for the guy who hosts a show called “Mad Money.” Not only that, but Stewartwas prepared with a slew of clips of Cramer admitting off the record that he had manipulated the market. Not to mention that Stewart had the audience on his side.