Movie Review: “Star Trek” does not disappoint

The summer movie season is barely underway, but there has been plenty of explosive material over the last two weeks at the box office with “Star Trek: Into Darkness” picking up where Iron Man 3 left off just a couple weeks ago.

Director J.J. Abrams returns to the Starship Enterprise in the first sequel to his 2009 reboot, and this time he looks to outdo himself in more ways than one, from the in-your-face action from minute one,  to the juxtaposition of story lines that occur throughout the film.

In a rare occasion, “Into Darkness” outshines the first film.  Missing are those sensations of magnificence and stargazing as Kirk, Bones and Spock experience space and the Starfleet for the first time.

With that already being established from the opening credits, the Enterprise crew is thrown right into the line of fire grabbing the audiences’ attention, making it hard to let go, which  proves to be a thrilling journey through space.

“Into Darkness” provides suspense, plenty of lens flares for a retro look.  Also hitting the viewers will be the mystery that surrounds the plot with the film jumping in and out of previous story lines while providing a fresh new take on the series.

The Star Trek crew doesn’t lose its sense of adventure and quick-witted humor. In fact, the film is filled with funny and gutsy eye-winking moments.

The returning crew of the Enterprise doesn’t disappoint in their follow-up roles having comfortably settled into their roles.

Chris Pine provides Captain Kirk with the right balance of cockiness and humility.  As the movie begins,  Kirk  assumes the role as a defiant commander with his character coming full circle. He is  humbled by events occurred throughout the film and becoming a selfless leader.

Zachary Quinto, who returns as the revered  Spock,  possibly delivers the juiciest performance in the film.

Spock is given the star-treatment as the story line of his character taking more of a lead as he continues to struggle with human emotions, which get the better of his logic and causes friction in the relationship with Zoe Saldana’s Lieutenant Nyota Uhura.

Rising British star Benedict Cumberbatch gives a chilling performance as the main villain John Harrison.

As the highly intelligent and powerful villain of the film, Cumberbatch serves in perfect contrast to the wild-like Kirk with a calm approach accompanied with a cold voice and icy stare that are eerily effective.

Simon Pegg returns as the Chief Engineer Lieutinent Montgomery “Scotty” Scott and almost steals the show with a wonderful and comedic performance.

At one point, Scotty steps away from the role of the fast-talking engineer as he looks to play hero, saving the Enterprise from immediate destruction by its counterpart — the Vengeance.

Karl Urban returns as the cantankerous Dr. Bones McCoy who at times stretches with several average metaphors (leading to Kirk eventually telling McCoy to cut it out).  John Cho returns as helmsman Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu also trying his hand in the lead chair of the Enterprise as Kirk embarks on his search for Harrison.

Scott Chambliss does a riveting job with the production design with “Into Darkness providing some stunning use of CGI and effects.

With a $180 million budget, funds were put to great use with the breathtaking expansive sets including the elaborate shots of the Enterprise and fascinating looks at new planets explored by the crew.

If you’ve never seen the classic “Star Trek”, don’t worry.  There is plenty of science fictional action, drama and comedy for every viewer.

This movie should be fun for the “Trekkies” out there, who should recognize plenty of the “Trek” references from the classic series throughout the film.

While not being perfect, STID gives its audience an action-packed and well-paced 133 minutes of thrills, suspense and comedy that should warrant a second look from moviegoers.

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness” is rated PG-13 and runs 2 hours and 13 minutes, and receives a 3 out of 4 stars.


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