Colors of Israel event delivers cultural education


SFI hosted the “Colors of Israel” event outside the Oakland Center on Thursday to inform students about Israel’s culture. 

Israel has humanitarian efforts in places like Japan, Haiti, Ghana and Latin America.  

The Students for Israel (SFI) organization held the “Colors of Israel” event on Thursday, April 14 to educate the Oakland community on this country and the positive work Israelis are doing around the world.  

“We are displaying the positives that Israel is doing around the world…some of the good that needs to be seen,” said Andrew Simpson, Students for Israel secretary.

The event was held from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. outside of the Oakland Center.  The student organization handed out free water bottles, ice cream (blue moon and vanilla to represent the colors of Israel’s flag), sunglasses and other snacks.  

They also had a photo booth and small sandbox in which students could “dig their way through Israel.”  

This activity correlated with the vast desert areas in Israel and represented the country’s culture and history.  

Posters were displayed explaining the work that Israel has done in various nations as well as fun facts and ways to get involved with the group.  

Students for Israel is overseen by Hillel of Metro-Detroit and has organizations on six different college campuses.

“They make sure we are prospering well,” said Sam Noveck, SFI president.  

According to their GrizzOrgs page, the group’s mission is “To promote the country of Israel both as a democracy and society precariously positioned in the Middle East.”

They hope to educate others on Israel’s culture and encourage discussion on the country.

The organization holds events throughout the year like move nights and Artists4Israel, where students learned how to express their perspective through graffiti art.  

Noveck summed up Thursday’s event, saying, “Good food, good friends, good weather.”

For more information on Students for Israel, visit their page on GrizzOrgs.