“Madworld†cuts a swath through Wii’s image


Senior Reporter

The new Nintendo Wii game “Madworld” lets players cut a swath of blood-splattered destruction through an otherwise black and white world, using a chainsaw hand that can be manipulated by waggling the Wii Remote. But the National Institute on Media and the Family, which is famous for giving the video game industry its annual “report card,” is outraged by the game’s release, saying that Nintendo “has shed its family friendly image.” (IGN)

NIMF seems to have totally missed the release of Manhunt 2 on the Wii, which was violent enough that it had to be censored before even a Mature-rated version was released in the U.S. (Gamesindustry)

They also seemed to have missed the release of “House of the Dead: Overkill,” which recently entered the “Guinness Book of World Records” for having more cursing than any other video game. Not to mention all the usual zombie killing.(Kotaku)

It’s probably a moot point to argue whether the Wii is a “family friendly” system when it contains these violent games.The entire argument has been done to death by video game fanboys before. Instead, it’s much easier to point out that anything NIMF says should be taken with a massive grain of salt. After all, they decried “Stubbs the Zombie” for “promoting cannibalism” and invented the word “killographic” to describe the most violent games.(MSNBC)