Woodstock Festival making a comeback


Scene/Mix Editor

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock Festival.

There has been a whole lot of Internet talk about a 2009 Woodstock in production, although a quick Google search only gets you some forums and fan blogs, mostly with “Bands I’d choose to be at Woodstock ’09.”

One semi-reliable source is the 2009 Woodstock Myspace page (semi-reliable since anyone and his brother can create a Myspace page), which advertises that it is looking for bands to perform at Woodstock ’09, and that it plans to be nothing like 1999’s Woodstock.

According to therockradio.com, the show is hoped to happen in mid August, simultaneously in New York and Berlin. Some musical hopefuls include Santana, The Who, Joe Cocker and Grateful Dead.

Whether Woodstock ’09 happens, one can only hope it will be something more memorable than the ’94 and ’99 attempts at the festival. Whoever thought it would be an awesome idea to include Limp Bizkit was mistaken.

Many fan bloggers are discussing how awesome another Woodstock would be, to bring peace and love to the world. There aren’t any other more productive ways to bring peace and love? Either way, hopefully some kind of good can come out of a 2009 version of Woodstock.