‘Guiding Light’ goes the way of the buffalo


Editor in chief

It’s possible that when your grandma babysat you as a kid you were somehow exposed to the lies, betrayals, love triangles, cancer survivors, divorces, reconciliations, coma patients, amnesia patients or any other unrealistic storyline that falls upon one of America’s guilty pleasures: the soap opera. Instead of watching “Reading Rainbow” you were forced to watch your grandmother’s stories.

Daytime dramas known as soap operas have been a staple on network television for seven decades. However, after 72 years the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” has officially been canceled, according to The Associated Press. The AP reported Wednesday that the show will have its finale episode air in September.

The AP said declining ratings attributed to the cancellation. Tv.com reports the “Light” has the most Daytime Emmy nominations this year leading with 17. “Guiding Light” is television’s longest running soap opera, having started on NBC radio in 1937.

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