New courses added


Although the Cinema Studies program is one of the major add-ons to Oakland academics this fall, students can also find new class opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Computer Sciences, and the School of Nursing.  A variety of classes have been added to the Oakland course catalog.A few examples of new classes running this fall include:

Graphic Design I (DES 230)

The introductory class addresses the creative and technical aspects of graphic design. Students can expect to become well versed in both two and three-dimensional design as well as the use of color, type, line and art in visual communication. DES 230 is the first step to the new Graphic Design minor offered through the Department of Art and Art History this fall. For more information on a Graphic Design minor contact the Department of Art and Art History.

Introduction to Hebrew Language and Culture (HBR 114)

The first class of a two-part sequence, students will learn both the Hebrew language and culture in the same format as other language classes offered at Oakland.  The second class, HBR 115, will be offered this coming winter.

Computer-based Music (MUS 220)

The “hands-on study of creative computer music composition” class will be offered for the first time this fall. In the class students will learn to use different types of composing software in order to better understand computer composition of multiple music styles and genres.

Course 455 Advanced Translation of English to Japanese

Japanese became a major at Oakland last year.  Advanced Translation of English to Japanese involves standard translation practice from the English language to the Japanese.  “Translation courses (both ways) are indispensable for a Japanese major student to be the language’s expert”, says Professor Nakao, the instructor of the course. 

NRS 517 Teacher and Learner in the Nursing Education Environment

This five credit course is centered on the adult learning process as well as the difficulties that arise when developing a learning environment aiding the various learning preferences, cognitive complexities and moral developments of potential nursing professionals.  The course might employ the use of on-line discussion as well as student led seminar presentations and group and individual projects.  Students who take this class will be encouraged to discuss their own philosophical belief(s) concerning the practice of professional nursing.  It is required that students be admitted to Oakland University’s School of Nursing for admission to this class unless permission is granted from an instructor otherwise.