Wendi Fox encourages students to ‘find the buzz without the booze’

College freshman shouldn’t be called “naive” but rather “optimistic”.


This was several suggestions made by comedian Wendi Fox, a former high-risk drinker, last Monday to Oakland University students while encouraging them to “find the buzz without the booze.”


Fox poked fun at everything from herself to unsuspecting members of the audience.


Through laughter she stressed the importance of responsibility and awareness.  “I’m not here to tell you not to drink,” Fox said.  She only wanted students to, “celebrate safe.”


“You can’t afford to be off your game,” she said. “You can’t afford to lose your sixth sense.”


Fox discussed the dangerous positions people put themselves in due to alcohol consumption and a false sense of security.


She claims that alcohol often intensifies a person’s belief that they live in a safe area where no harm can come to them.


One of the most dangerous things a woman can do, Fox said, is leave the bar with someone she just met.  If a woman wouldn’t leave Wal-Mart with someone who bought her groceries then she shouldn’t leave the bar with someone that bought her drinks.


Women apparently think only “ugly” guys are dangerous, Fox joked.


She encouraged students to look out for each other by having more than just a designated driver. 

She said drunk people need more than just a ride.  They need, “the FBI, CIA and daycare all slammed together.”  Fox has named this person the “Sober Sitter.”


The “Sober Sitter” has the responsibility of making sure everyone stays safe.


She reminded students of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama high school student whose disappearance in Aruba in 2005 made headlines nationwide.


Holloway’s friends last saw her leaving the bar with men she had just met, a situation a “Sober Sitter” could have prevented.


“Take a second look around,” she encouraged.  “You might save a life.”


Fox knows firsthand the consequences of irresponsible drinking.  Being a “high-risk” drinker for years had landed her in several unsafe situations including having her drink drugged.


She finally decided to quit drinking after wrapping her car around a telephone pole. 


Fox’s innovative speaking treats alcohol as “the symptom.”  She hopes to motivate students to find something they love more than getting drunk. 


She says, “Don’t recover from yourself, evolve.


Monday was not Fox’s first visit to Oakland University.  She has spoken to Oakland students about 10 times.


Fox has performed “Trashed” at hundreds of campuses nationwide.


For more information about Wendi Fox, www.wendifox.com.