Housing sends e-mail to on-campus residents

By Colleen Miller

In an e-mail to residents:


Bike Share Program Policy

The Oakland University Bike Share program is sponsored by Student Congress, the Division of Student Affairs, University Housing and Campus Recreation. It is based on an honor system of sharing designated bicycles, providing an alternative method of transportation for students, faculty and staff to easily and quickly move from building to building. Participants will contribute to the reduction of vehicle use on campus, while obtaining many benefits associated with physical activity. While the availability of equipment will vary depending on the flow of traffic everyone should allow enough time in their schedule to walk in the event that there are no bicycles for immediate use.  The OU Bike Share program is managed by Campus Recreation and supervised by student employees.  Everyone is advised to ride with caution to maintain a safe cycling environment.


General OU Bike Share Guidelines

 -Use of bicycles is limited to the Oakland University Main Campus

– Use of bicycles is at the risk of the individual

– Reckless behavior,  unsafe speed or stunts are prohibited

– Destruction and abuse of bicycles is prohibited

– Use of protective helmets is recommended

– Bicycles should be parked in designated bike racks

– Bicycles should not be locked with personal equipment

– Wearing headphones in both ears while riding a bicycle is not recommended

– Cyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals

– OU Bike Share equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis; equipment cannot be reserved


*Report all equipment failure or issues to OU Bike Share at 248-370-4888

* Include the bike# (located on handlebar) and rack location (closest building)


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