OU’s Bike Share program in its infancy

Since the introduction of OU’s Bike Share program in September, coordinators of the program have seen mixed results.

Usage of the bikes has been overwhelming, which is a positive sign for the longevity of the program. Students have been extremely vocal about the benefits of having a bike system through Oakland’s campus.

“There are days where I just don’t feel like walking to my classes, so being able to find a bike to ride is great,” freshman Shakara Lewis said.

Problems with finding parking spots and traffic congestion have also decreased with having the option of riding a bike through campus as opposed to driving.

Not everything has been perfect for the bike share program, however.  Some individuals have removed certain parts from bikes, including seats and pedals, rendering the bikes unusable. A number of the bikes also have faulty brakes; this becomes a major concern when pedaling down the steep hills of Oakland’s campus.

“Someone will take a pedal or a handlebar, so that no one else can get that bike except them. When they come back, they can get the same bike; that’s one of the only bad things about it [the bike share program],” Lewis said.

Coordinators of the program are aware of the problems and are working to fix them.

“If we can make bikes more available by adding more bikes, then hopefully some of these problems will be solved,” said OUSC legislator Anthony Ivone. “I just try to remind myself that it is still a trial period and there will be problems.”

Ivone is optimistic that improvements can be made.

“We have discussed replacing the current bikes with newer used bikes or even brand-new bikes and investing more money into the program, but that is something that could happen later,” Ivone said. “These things can happen once we discover that this initiative is going to be long-lasting and sustainable.”

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