Faculty showcases art

While studio art students at Oakland University attend classes to better refine and master their craft, many of the professors instructing those classes have a lot of experience creating art of their own.

From Nov. 7 to Dec. 4, members of the OU studio art faculty are showing their pieces of art at Pontiac’s Creative Art Center at the “Sought/Found” exhibit.

Dan Nitzh, an OU junior majoring in history and psychology, attended the opening reception of the exhibit. He said he found the work of photo/lab media coordinator Chris Lee particularly interesting.

“(Lee) only really has two shots but they’re both digital prints and they’re really vibrant — really aesthetically pleasing, very interesting to the eye,” Nitzh said.

Lynn Galbreath Fausone, adjunct assistant professor of art, is among the many members of OU’s faculty to exhibit their artwork.

Galbreath Fausone’s submitted work is titled “It’s All Fiction,” which is five feet wide by 20 inches high and composed of four panels. Galbreath Fausone explained that the particular painting on display is a part of a series based on human identity. This work in specific is set in a narrative context, she said.

“During a time when few could read, storytelling was one of the predominant purposes of painting. With the invention of the camera, TV and then video, this focus has changed significantly,” Galbreath Fausone said.

Susan Evans, a studio art professor, also submitted her work for the “Sought/Found” exhibit. Evans teaches new media classes at OU.

“The pieces I have in the Sought and Found show are produced in two historic photographic processes that I learned over the summer, thanks to an Oakland University faculty research grant. The two processes are called ambrotypes and ferrotypes,” Evans said.

Evans said the work on display is more free, and lacking a perfect focus, but she said she appreciates that.

“I am not yet skilled enough to pour a perfect plate, does not matter to me. I like this new raw look to things,” Evans said.

Further works from Evans can be found on her website, www.susanevans.com.

Kyohei Abe teaches foundations of media art at Oakland University and also teaches many art classes at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. His photography is on display at the exhibit.

“(It is) sort of imaginary landscape on 16 by 16 square imagery print on fine art paper — Japanese textured paper,” Abe said.

Abe said he uses recognizeable objects in his art, such as old Monopoly pieces, and hopes to raise a simple question with his art.

“My work is a subtle notion,” Abe said. He said he wants people to wonder, “What’s going on here?”

Abe said he utilizes a mix of Japanese and American culture in his work, a “mixed reflection” of his view of Western life. He also said he uses a specific item quite often in his work.

“Clouds always come in my work — cute and neat, more subtle message I am subconsciously projecting,” Abe said.

More examples of Abe’s artwork can be found at www.kyoheiabe.com.

Other faculty memembers participating include Meredith Adamisin, John Corbin, Andrea Eis, Amy Feigley, Grace Frost, Richard Haley, David Lambert, Christopher Lee, Rachel Reynolds, Sally Schluter Tardella,Vagner M. Whitehead and Cody Vanderkaay.

“Sought/Found” is at the Creative Arts Center located on 47 Williams St. in Pontiac. The gallery hours are Wednesday through Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 1:30-5 p.m.

For more information, visit www.pontiac.mi.us/cac.