Russi Watch: Keeping track of promises and holding him accountable

By Kay nguyen

Campus Editor

During an open forum with faculty Nov. 19, President Gary Russi entertained questions and concerns and proposed solutions to many of them.

The forum was so successful that the faculty postponed a vote of no confidence that was supposed to show dissatisfaction over Russi’s work over the last decade at Oakland University.

“I’m going to do everything I can to address the issues that we’ve talked about,” Russi said at the forum. “You will hold me accountable, as you should.”

Because of this, The Oakland Post is following the progress of promises made by Russi.

Also holding him accountable is WXOU Radio general manager and host of “The Erik Anderson Program” Erik Anderson.

“I’ve been tracking the different promises and things that (Russi) made,” Anderson said. “I attended the forum and want to make sure he stays true to his word.”

He has begun a weekly segment, also entitled “Russi Watch,” that also keeps track of Russi’s pledges. It airs every Monday at 11:30 a.m. on 88.3 FM.

Anderson started a blog,, in September that chronicled his attempts to get Russi onto his program.

“I wanted to hear from (Russi) for once and not his public representative,” Anderson said of his quest. “He seems like a nice guy; we just never get to see that.”

Russi is now slated to appear on Anderson’s show on Jan. 11.

Russi will also be speaking with The Oakland Post Jan. 18.

Student body vice president Saman Waquad is currently trying to have a student open forum with Russi.

In the meantime, students can ask him questions through The Oakland Post by submitting questions by emailing [email protected] or dropping by at 61 Oakland Center.

Promises Made

• Ensuring that the process of shared governance is followed

• Scheduling regular meetings with the deans, department chairs and association

(AAUP) leadership

• Opening access to Wilson Hall

• Annual campus-wide leadership meeting will be open

• Making the application to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) and all

medical school documents available in Kresge Library

• Arrange for the Vice President for Finance and Administration to begin meeting and

gathering input from the Senate Budget Review Committee

• Working with the Provost and the Deans to improve the budget process

• Asking the Senate to assemble a committee to review the process of purchasing

software and equipment

• Instructed the Director of University Diversity and Compliance to work with the LBGTA

ERG to develop a policy that shows the university supports them

• Donating $100,000 to OU

Progress made

• Access to the executive office corridor has been opened. The hallway containing the president’s office in Wilson Hall used to be protected by a security keypad. Access to the hallway is only available through the doors near the breezeway connecting Wilson and Oakland University Art Gallery.