Campus Briefs 1-27

By Mas Rahman

Wilson Hall and Graham Health Center suffered a heat loss on Monday, Jan. 25, but everything’s back to normal now.

John Beaghan, Oakland University’s vice president for finance and administration, said in an email to students, staff and faculty on Monday that this was because a high temperature hot water line servicing the two buildings had a leak.

To repair them, the lines had to be turned off, which meant a loss of heat during repairing time.

Classes were held as scheduled during this time.

The original estimate for repairs was two or three days, but Beaghan said that repairs were completed around midnight on Monday and buildings were back to normal temperature late afternoon Tuesday.

Beaghan said east-bound Wilson Boulevard was closed from noon to midnight Monday because some repairs were considered related to the water line problem, but these repairs were not needed, so the road was reopened.

— Mas Rahman, staff reporter