OU President Russi testifies to Mich. Senate Subcommittee on higher education

By Colleen Miller

Oakland University President Gary Russi gave testimony today on behalf of the university in front of the Michigan Senate Appropriations subcommittee on higher education.

Russi gave the subcommittee his response to Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s proposal for the 2011 Michigan budget released earlier this month. He related Granholm’s comment in her State of the State address that Michigan is in a transitional state to the state of OU, which has also been transitioning over the years. Russi highlighted 10 areas where OU has grown.

He pointed out the “disinvestment” in higher education and how OU has responded it. He asked the members of the subcommittee to support the governor’s proposal to “replace one-time federal stimulus funds with GF/GP dollars.”

Read Russi’s notes to find out what he said about the Michigan Promise Scholarship, a $71.7 million Engineering Center, and more here.