OUSC meeting calls out former student body president

At Monday’s meeting of Oakland University’s student congress, one new legislator was approved while the performance of another was called into question.

Last week, OUSC members called steering chairperson Dan Evola’s performance into question.

He was not present during that meeting, so it got tabled to this week.

“I realize there’s an elephant in the room,” Evola said to start off the discussion. “My position was brought up, to which I take some concern.”

He acknowledged that he’s been absent a few times and that he’s made mistakes on agendas before.

“I have missed a total of two meetings, which is not enough to bring anyone up for question,” he said.

Evola, who served as student body vice president prior to assuming the role of student body president last year, said he felt it was “absurd” that no one had brought these issues to his attention in person.

“I haven’t been confronted personally by any member of student congress still, so I’ll leave it at that,” Evola said.

The steering chair assumes the powers and duties of chairperson in the absence of the vice president.

Other duties include holding regular steering committee meetings and compiling and distributing agendas to all OUSC meetings.

“There have been a lot of mistakes in the agenda,” said legislator Anthony Ivone. 

Mark Medaugh, student activities funding board chair, said he’d like to see minutes of steering committee meetings but urged OUSC members to either act or let it go.

“If there’s a problem, fix it; if there’s not, don’t complain about it,” Medaugh said.

No vote to remove Evola from steering committee chair was held.

At the meeting, newly approved legislator Chuck Kelly also brought up the possibility of having charging stations in the Oakland Center where students could drop off their phones and laptops to charge while they’re in class.

OUSC members discussed logistics and possible locations.

Legislative affairs director Amy Ring also noted that Kelly should remove the Facebook group supporting presidential candidatee Cameron Schea called “OU NEEDS A Charging Station,” as it is a conflict of interest to use an OUSC project as part of a campaign.

Kelly said he’d look further into the matter.

Prior to the meeting, Amy Ring, legislative affairs director, and legislator Shakita Billy met with a group in charge of building and directional signs around campus.

They discussed altering the appearance and visibility of existing signs as well as the possibility of buying an electrical sign.

Some members expressed concern over making signs too “cheesy.”

It was announced that election packets are to be distributed on compact discs this year in an effort to save paper.

James Kaminski, a sophomore studying pre-law and a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, was approved as a new legislator while Brett McIsaac was announced as legislator of the month.