Club sports ballot question shows three options, should be yes or no

By Colleen Miller

UPDATE: The ballots appear to be corrected, with a yes/no option for club sports funding and Schea/Diedrich ticket correctly listed. Vote now through Wednesday on

The voting has begun for Oakland University Student Congress elections. Three tickets for vice president and president are on the ballot, 16 out of 25 possible legislators, and a referendum to give club sports direct funding.

Two glitches in the online voting system, however, lists one ticket backward (Mike Diedrich should be listed as the VP candidate and Cameron Schea as the presidential candidate).

The club sports referendum is also giving some students three completely unrelated options, when the answer should be a yes or a no. The options are from a previous ballot asking students what the university should do with excess funds.

OUSC’s advisor is currently working on resolving the club sports ballot issue with IT, but the voting is still live and current legislator Anthony Ivone says about 100 people have probably voted. Despite this, he says there’s not much they can do about the likelihood some of them were unable to vote correctly on the club sports issue.

He did say that there is a possibility that there could be a re-vote after this election has been closed.