Students to converge at state capitol

Students from public universities all around Michigan will be coming together Thursday in Lansing to demand changes in higher education funding. 

The rally, called the Lansing Blitz, is being organized statewide by the Student Association of Michigan and at Oakland University by the OU Student Congress. 

“It will be one of the most visible movements that students have made in a long time,” said OUSC legislative affairs director Amy Ring. 

The Student Association of Michigan posted a declaration at, which explains their intent for the rally. 

The proclamation includes a list of ways the state has undermined higher education, including the 2009 termination of the Michigan Promise Scholarship.

The $4,000 scholarship was given to students attending at least a two-year program and who scored a Level 1 or 2 on the Michigan Merit Exam.

The Promise Scholarship was discontinued for the current fiscal year, suspending payments for class years beginning with the class of 2007. 

According to the declaration, it “directly affected 96,000 students and their families.” 

Other evidence in the declaration of the state’s “short-sighted policies” include Michigan’s 22 percent decrease of per student appropriations and spending discrepancies

As the OU representative for the event, Ring urges students to sign up to attend the rally and learn more at

“It is an opportunity to experience and participate in what could potentially assist in higher education funding being made a real priority in Michigan,” said Ring. “Hopefully it will make a statement in showing elected officials that we cannot be ignored.”

Transportation to the Lansing Blitz is free and a T-shirt and snacks will be provided.