OU sends e-mail about possible open carry, empty holster awareness on campus

Below is an e-mail send out by Mary Beth Snyder, VP of student affairs, regarding an effort of some members of the Oakland University community to bring awareness to the current concealed carry laws.

Michigan law as well as Oakland University policy currently prohibit concealed carry by licensed gun owners from bringing their weapons onto campus. Michigan law, however, only explicitly lists dorms and classrooms and “gun free zones.”

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Dear Colleagues and Students,

We have learned that next week some individuals might participate in demonstrations on our campus to express their views on gun control issues.  These activities are not unique to our university but are part of larger efforts being orchestrated regionally and across the country to gain support of various concealed weapon initiatives.

I wanted to alert you to the possibility that you might see people on campus wearing empty weapon holsters or carrying weapons on their person and in open view. The Oakland University Police Department will be monitoring this situation very closely to maintain a safe and non-threatening campus environment. If need be, officers will curtail any disruptions to the learning environment or university business.

I want to remind our students that the university’s code of conduct prohibits the possession of any weapon on campus and that a violation of this policy could result  in disciplinary measures as described in the Student Handbook.

We expect any demonstrations on campus to be peaceful and conducted in accordance with applicable laws and university policy. But if any person on campus feels threatened or endangered at any point, they are encouraged to call the OUPD at (248) 370-3331 or text to [email protected] right away.

As a university community we certainly encourage the free exchange of ideas and open dialogue on important societal issues. However, there is a right time, place and manner of doing this and we will ensure that the rights of everyone on campus are protected.

Thank you,

Mary Beth Snyder

Vice President for Student Affairs

Mary Beth Snyder

Vice President for Student Affairs and

Enrollment Management

144 Oakland Center, Oakland University

Rochester, MI  48309-4499

(248) 370-4200  Fax:  (248) 370-4250

[email protected]