April Police Files

Assault: On April 20 two students engaged in an argument in a residence hall computer lab that led to a physical altercation involving pushing and wrestling. Another student attempted to intervene in the fight. Nightwatch staff personnel responded to assess the situation, as did two officers. One of the students involved in the argument left the scene prior to the arrival of the OUPD officers. No injuries were reported and no assault charges were pursued. There have been no further incidents between the two students.

Arson: On April 21 an officer responded to a call that there was a fire on the third level of P-29. The Auburn Hills Fire Department responded and put out the fire. The object that was set on fire was later determined to be a desktop. It was reported that two individuals were burning papers an hour prior to the incident on the same level, but suspects are currently unknown.

Warrant Arrest: On April 23 at 7:30 a.m., an officer administered a court-ordered preliminary breath test to a man on campus. Dispatch informed the officer that the man failed to appear for a pretrial hearing in relation to a retail fraud charge filed against him. At the request of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, the OUPD officer placed the man in handcuffs and held him at the booking bench until the Sheriff’s Department’s warrant division got on duty. The man was then transported to district court.

Stolen Bee Sticks: On April 27 a faculty member reported a larceny to an officer. The faculty member said she had ordered several hundred sticks of bee food. She received confirmation of the delivery of the sticks both to OU and to her department’s mailroom on April 1, however she was unable to locate the package containing the sticks when she checked. An inquiry to staff in the building yielded no results. The bee sticks have yet to be recovered.