Summer construction returns to OU

The big summer talk at OU is all about Squirrel Road. From Walton Blvd. to Featherstone Road., the road will be repaved, with construction possibly extending into the fall semester.

Squirrel Road will be open one-way northbound from May to August. OU’s main entrance will be closed until June while northbound Squirrel Road is paved. It will reopen when the southbound side is under construction.

Five Points Drive will be used as a one-way detour route, according to the City of Auburn Hills website.

“There are indications that north and south of University might not be done before school starts,” said Facilities Management Vice President Terry Stollsteimer.

The construction, done by the City of Auburn Hills, may pose problems for students entering campus at the start of the fall semester.

Stollsteimer said all OU traffic would be directed to the entrances facing Walton Road rather than the Squirrel Road exits.

“Every summer we do a lot of things,” Stollsteimer said. “We try to do things when the majority of students are gone. If something comes up that affects the startup of school, we do everything in our power to finish it.”

Summer construction at OU goes beyond the Squirrel Road revamp. The following is a list of events that are set to begin over the summer.

•Over 400 parking spots will be created in P35, a new lot next to P37; LED lights will light the parking lot.

•Parts of P1 will be fenced off for construction of geothermal heat pumps for the future Human Health Building. This construction will be over by the time school starts in the fall.

•The grounds of the new Human Health Building will be fenced in. Construction will not be finished until the summer of 2012.

•A high temperature water tunnel is being constructed across campus over the summer, affecting access to Wilson Boulevard.

•The elevator in Wilson Hall will be renovated. Though the cab will be the same, the mechanics will be brought up to date.

•Vandenberg Hall will get new windows and a Mongolian-style grill in the cafeteria.

•Roofing projects on three buildings. The Central Heating Plant, O’Dowd and Dodge Halls will have minor roofing repairs.

More information and maps of the Squirrel Road construction can be found at