Student Org Spotlight: College Republicans

The College Republicans held their first meeting of the summer semester on May 5. The group’s monthly meetings consistently feature speakers for the students to learn from. The speakers for last week’s meeting included Copper Rizzo and Leon Drolet, who are both running for the Michigan Senate.

“We are very happy to welcome these two politicians to Oakland University,” said Tori Rexford, chairman of the College Republicans. Rexford is a senior majoring in political science who has been heading the organization for six months. She, also, works for the Rick Snyder campaign.

Joshua Cline, Co-chair of the College Republicans, sees the organization as a teaching experience for students interested in politics. “There will be two or three events geared toward helping students to get out the vote or teach them to be on campaigns,” said Cline. Cline is double-majoring in nursing and political science and spends part of his time as a campaign manager for Michigan senatorial candidate Kim Russell.

Rizzo,25, is the president and owner of Avon Consulting Group. He is seeking a state senate seat from District 12. He made comments about the current government.

“One of the biggest things people were frustrated with is the inability for their elected leaders to make the tough decisions,” said Rizzo.

Rizzo has called for transparency in reporting Michigan expenses by posting a report online. Rizzo said they are spending more than they take in and that makes no sense to him. Some of his other platforms include a part-time legislature, eliminating the Michigan Business Tax surcharge and requiring public employees to pay a percentage of their health insurance costs.

Drolet, 43, served in the state House of Representatives from 2000-2006. After leaving the House, he founded the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance which he still chairs. Drolet addressed the meeting following Rizzo’s presentation. Drolet said that Government wages have gone up 11 percent while private sector wages are down 19 percent.

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