Meet the new Grizz Gang e-board

Steve Cox, Co-president

Steve Cox is a junior marketing major at OU. This is his first year on the Grizz Gang e-board, but he worked as an Athletics Department marketing major during the 2009-10 school year. Cox said in addition to typical student organization president responsibilities, he’s added challenges for himself.

“Personally, I hold myself responsible for increasing attendance at all sporting events and furthering the work started with basketball,” Cox said.

Cox said he’s looking to expand on tailgating events from previous years and potentially incorporate tailgating into sporting events besides basketball.

Outside of Grizz Gang, Steve is a former member of the Residence Hall Association, current Oakland University Student Congress legislator and employee at the Student Technology Center.

Dan Elliott, Co-president

Biochemistry major Dan Elliott is serving as co-president of the Grizz Gang this year. Elliott, a junior, has been involved with Grizz Gang since his freshman year, as a general member and then by getting more involved in his sophomore year.

This year, he hopes Grizz Gang can start building a legacy of athletics spirit on OU’s campus.

“I would like to improve on current Grizz Gang events, like the Jamboree and tailgating, try and form traditions for future generations of fans to follow, and bring about a greater number of student supporters” Elliott said.

Elliott is a Jump Start Leader, former treasurer for the Honors College Student Association, a member of the OU Men’s Club Volleyball Team and a resident of the International Village on campus.

Danny Malendowski, Secretary

Senior Danny Malendowski said he has always loved college basketball and thought Grizz Gang was a good way to get more involved in the basketball experience.

“We want to continue the successful programs, and we’re simply looking to build on what has been done in the past,” Malendowski said. “No need to reinvent the wheel. We just want as many people coming to games as possible.”

Hasaan Kaakarli, Campus/Community Special Events Coordinator

Hasaan Kaakarli, a sophomore, started his involvement with Grizz Gang during his first day of Welcome Week of his freshman year.

“I got involved with Grizz Gang because of the opportunities for involvement made possible through their school spirit,” Kaakarli said.

As campus/community special events coordinator, Kaakarli is responsible for organizing events on campus and coordinating the different aspects of each event. Additionally, he hopes to help blend the on-campus resident perspective with the commuter perspective.

“I’ll try to create an inventive for commuters to stay on campus after their class as well,” Kaakarli said. “It will increase student involvement, encourage innovation and inspire others to be a part of the black and gold.”

Kaakarli is an orientation group leader and will work for Nightwatch in the fall. He is also a member of the Honors College, Arab American Student Association, Student Alumni Association, and Residence Hall Association.

Sai Myint, Historian

Health science major Sai Myint first got involved with Grizz Gang after attending OU soccer games at Ultimate Soccer Arena in Pontiac.

As historian, Myint is mainly responsible for taking photos at Grizz Gang events. He also keeps records and logs of the organization’s activities.

“I hope to bring some positive energy and perspective and a sense of can-do spirit,” Myint said.

Jessica Hinman, Communication Coordinator

Jessica Hinman, a human resources development senior, has been involved with Grizz Gang since the organization was formed. She previously served as secretary and vice-president.

“I plan on bringing more attention to our student athletes and growing our student section for each sport with more events for all students,” Hinman said.