OUSC golf outing benefits biomedical research

Oakland University Student Congress is holding their first annual benefit golf outing Oct. 11, 2010.

The event, which starts at 11 a.m., will take place at the Katke-Cousins Golf Course located on the east side of Oakland’s campus.

Students who would like to take part in the golf outing should go to the Center for Student Activities office by the Oct. 1 deadline.

For $55, the day-long outing includes 18 holes of golf with the use of a golf cart. Lunch is also included.

Proceeds from the event will go to OU’s Center for Biomedical Research.

The center supports research related to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, AIDS, and heart disease.

“The Center for Biomedical Research strives to support research at Oakland University, but research is expensive and the needs are always greater than the resources,” said Brad Roth, director for the CBR. “This fundraiser will allow us to increase our support for important biomedical research.”

OUSC student services director and event coordinator Brett McIsaac recognized the need for funding research and decided to donate the money raised to the center.

“I am requesting that the funds go towards student involvement in research,” McIsaac said. “Since OU has such diverse research in many different areas, I believe the best use of this money is to bring more students into the world of research and to support those already there.”

While the benefit outing is in just its first year, both McIsaac and Roth share the hope that it would become an annual event.

“This is the first time OUSC has utilized golf as a way to raise funds for contribution to a worthy cause,” said McIsaac. “I hope that it can be continued from year to year, though it will be up to that year’s Student Congress to give the final call whether to put on the event or not.”

For more information, please visit www.oakland.edu/ousc/golfbenefit or visit the CSA office for tickets.