Patriot Week starts Sept. 11

The upcoming midterm elections are elevating political firestorm to a wildfire. In the midst of all the rhetoric, there’s a group of people that want people to simply focus on patriotism.

Sep. 11 through 17 will be Patriot Week at Oakland University. The event is anchored by the anniversaries of the September 11 terrorist attacks and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, respectively.

The entire Patriot Week initiative was created by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren. Warren approached Phi Sigma Kappa advisor John Bowker to start a Patriot week at Oakland University.

“This is a totally nonpartisan event,” Bowker said. “It’s not a political event, it’s an American event.”

Greek Council, OUSC, and Phi Sigma Kappa are collaborating in support of the event and helping out with the voter and blood drive registration drives going on throughout the week.

While Patriot Week volunteers will be recruiting blood donors all week, the actual donation day is September 28.

“We need 66 pints, but I’d love to get 80 and have the Red Cross break out in song,” Bowker said.

A constitutional seminar will also be held on September 17 at noon. The seminar will be a panel discussion about individual rights and security on the issue of border crossing.

Another discussion will be held at Cooley Law School on September 13, moderated by Judge Warren. The topic will be “Has America lived up to Equality?”

Bowker also wanted to announce that Phi Sigma Kappa members would be wearing red, white and blue during Patriot Week, and encouraged other students to do the same.

Patriot Week extends beyond Oakland University. For a list of other Patriot Week events, visit