DVD rental program in the works

By Jake Thielen

Oakland University student body president Brandon Gustafson announced plans to incorporate a DVD rental program at OU during OUSC’s meeting Monday, Sept. 20.

Among the options being discussed are adding a Redbox kiosk or implementing a student-run rental system.

“It’s just something that was brought up to Amy (Ring) and myself, and I really, really like the idea,” Gustafson said.

Gustafson said other universities, including Michigan State, have successfully implemented on-campus DVD rental systems.

The resident halls association runs the MSU rental system. Gustafson said he spoke to delegates from MSU about the issue at the Student Association of Michigan Conference.

“What they do is they buy all the legal copyrights for the movies in order to rent them out, and that’s really expensive,” Gustafson said. “We don’t really want to do that just because of the expense of it.”

Gustafson said he’s still trying to figure out a system that would be the most effective both financially and legally. Gustafson said he’s most excited about an idea that would involve students donating movies, provided that the system would be legal under copyright laws.

With the current concept, students would donate DVDs at the resident halls desks and OUSC would hold campaigns to help collect movies and build up some stock.

“I think it would be kind of cool too because it would be like older movies that you probably haven’t seen, or haven’t seen since you were in fifth grade,” Gustafson said.

OUSC is working on a plan to keep students accountable for the movies they rent out, which Gustafson said would likely be the students I.D. card.

Gustafson said that Redbox remains an option. Redbox previously had a location in the OC near Café O’Bears, but it was removed.

Kristine Nixon, a biology major, said she would support a DVD rental program if it wasn’t too expensive.

“That would be cool because then I wouldn’t have to bring back movies from my house all the time,” Nixon said.