OUSC sponsors second annual Rock4Rights

The second annual Rock4Rights event was held from 7-10 p.m. in the Pioneer Food Court on Tuesday, Sept. 7. Performers participating in this year’s event were Blue Jay, The Bandoliers, Mukoma Simpanya, Hornet Gun, Dan Evola and Cam Shea, Fame and Drizzle, Pato Margetic and Matthew Perry.

Elyse Peterson, a sophomore art education major, attended the event. She said she looked up the event online and found out how it was recognizing human rights all over the globe.

Nessma Bashi, legislative affairs director of student congress, said Rock4Rights is to allow students a chance to expand their creative capacities by performing in front of their peers, all while educating them on international, national and state affairs.

“My goal is to mobilize students and the campus at large; I want them to feel engaged with the world around them by recognizing the problems in society and actively trying to solve them through social justice,” Bashi said.

Bashi also said she recognizes how one of our most basic civic duties is voting, and wants to give the students attending the event the chance to register to vote at the event.

“I think attendees will leave the event feeling that a single individual can truly make a difference, regardless of financial resources,” Bashi said.

Mukoma Simpanya, a senior finance major at OU, provided his dancing talent at Rock4Rights. He said he loves performing and takes advantage to do so at any chance that comes his way.

“I’m promoting gay rights, not ’cause I’m gay—I’m straight—but I have gay friends and I believe in equality for all,” Simpanya said.

Bashi commented on the goals of this year’s OUSC. She said she hoped not only were they able to entertain and educate students at the Rock4Rights event but also to show the student body how in tune

OUSC is with campus needs and the desire to represent the students to the best of their ability.

First place at Rock4Rights was Matthew Perry, winning $100 worth of SpiritCash. Coming in second was Simpanya, who received $75 worth of SpiritCash and third place was Pato Margetic, winning $50 worth of SpiritCash.