Student government tackles transfer GPA dilemma

By Jake Thielen

OUSC discussed student concerns, campus events and added several new members to its committees during Monday’s meeting.

At the Sept. 27 OUSC meeting, Student Body President Brandon Gustafson discussed an issue that an OU graduate was having while attempting to apply to a medical school.

“When your grade transfers from OU and you’re trying to apply to grad schools, he was having an issue to where his GPA was being lowered,” Gustafson said. “For students applying to grad schools, when Oakland sends their GPA to the medical schools, their GPA is coming back to them as a different GPA than the one they graduated with.”

Gustafson and Student Body Vice President Amy Ring met last week with Provost Virinder Moudgil to discuss the issue.

“We did find out that it was summer of 2009 that the organization that does the GPA conversion changed how they view Oakland University’s GPA,” Ring said. “We have the Academic Affairs doing research about why they changed Oakland University’s conversion and if they changed other universities’ conversions just to ensure that Oakland University students are not at any kind of loss when they’re applying to medical school.”

Ring added that Academic Affairs is “on top of it, and they were really glad that we brought this issue to their attention because they hadn’t even known about it.”

Ring said that she would update OUSC when more information became available and that only one student has reported this issue to OUSC so far.

Student Services Director Brett McIsaac said Monday’s charity golf outing on campus was a success.

“We were able to put together around $1,600 to donate to the Center for Biomedical Research, which is about $700 more than we made last year at our charity event,” McIsaac said. “It’s going to support students in the summer who are doing research here.”

In addition to the golf outing success, several members were appointed to new positions at Monday’s meeting.

Justice John Ajlouny was approved as a new member of the Judiciary Committee.  Ajlouny is a current OUSC legislator.

Antionette Henry, Maurisha Banks and Dominic Williams were approved as members of the Multicultural Affairs Committee.

“I would like to join the Multicultural Affairs Committee because I’d like to get involved on campus and just meet some new people and make some new friends,” Williams said.

Laura Collier and Phillip Lusk were approved as OUSC justices.

“Laura Collier is a very good pick (for justice,)” Legislator Daud Yar said. “She’s very involved, on and off campus, and she does a lot of community service.”

Collier is a junior who is majoring in biology with a concentration in pre-medical studies.  Lusk is a political science major who said he hoped to become more involved on campus by becoming a justice.

OUSC meets every Monday at 4 p.m. in  the Oakland Room of the Oakland Center and all students are welcome.