Motivational speaker to engage, not preach



By Kaitlyn Chornoby

Justin Jones-Fosu, son of former OU economics professor Augustin Fosu, will be returning to a familiar campus on Wednesday, Oct. 13 to present a motivational speech as part of the Week of Champions at OU.

Jones-Fosu, who has five keynote programs for college students, will be presenting “Harnessing the Power of Healthy Relationships”  from 7-8 p.m. in the Banquet Rooms of the Oakland Center.

Jones-Fosu said this program touches on love and how to communicate with a significant other, as well as looking at both  internal and external relationships. The program gives insight on how to identify relationships that are empowering as opposed to ones that bring a student down.

The program will explore what defines a healthy relationship and how to instill values that are important to the individual within the relationship.

Each individual campus that Jones-Fosu speaks at decides which program they would like to have presented based on the “needs of the campus,” he said.

Jones-Fosu said his motto, “Not just a presentation, but an experience,” speaks volumes about his presentations. Through music and calling out to the audience, he said he strives to make his presentations a fun and unique experience for those participating.

He said he finds many speakers who are pumped to be speaking, but leave the students wondering whether they learned anything.

He said his presentations emphasize what the action of the students should be, rather than inspirational messages and big talk.

“I’m sick of people just talking, not acting,” Jones-Fosu said. “I love the quote, ‘Put your action where your mouth is.’ That’s what my presentations are about.”

Jones-Fosu said his presentation differs from other speakers because he engages the audience and encourages them to leave with more than just information. In his keynote, “Be an ACTion Hero: The ACTions of Super Successful Student Leaders,” participants walk away with an action plan to turn Jones-Fosu’s words into reality.

“A lot of speakers say, ‘Hope big! Dream big! Believe big,’ but not many talk about how to act big,” Jones-Fosu said. “One of the biggest parts of my presentation is asking yourself, ‘What will I actually do with this?'”

While primarily working with college students, Jones-Fosu has worked with admissions staff and college professionals. Jones-Fosu said he focuses on speaking with and inspiring the “next generation” of individuals.

Jones-Fosu said he likes to stick around after his shows to talk to students and answer any additional questions. He encourages students to stay in touch with him through e-mail or Facebook and loves to get feedback from students.

Although currently residing in Maryland, Jones-Fosu grew up in Michigan. He said he is excited to return to his home state and hopes to say “hello” to professional friends of his father’s.

Jones-Fosu is the president and chief inspirational officer of Justin Inspires LLC, which he started in March 2007. He is also the author of “Inspiration for Life: Dream Bigger, Do More, Live Fuller,” and hosts a weekly radio show. He said he was involved with several campus organizations while attending school and has been speaking publicly since high school.

“It’s fun,” Jones-Fosu said. “When you find what you love to do, pursue it. Ask, what would you do for free?”

Jones-Fosu presents his other keynotes to college-aged audiences. “Become an ACTion Hero” focuses on creating plans to implement change in student organizations, the difference between normal and super leaders, and how to leave a legacy. “ACT Responsibly: Diversity Edition” explores what diversity really means, how to embrace differing social styles and how to promote diversity in the community. “The Freshman 15” is intended for freshmen students and teaches how to manage time for classes and friends and how to set oneself up for a transition after college life. “Your Vision Unleashed and Uncensored” strives to relieve students of factors that keep them tied down to mediocrity and works to put dreams into action.

Jones-Fosu is represented by CAMPUSPEAK, a company that links speakers with college campuses.

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