College Dems are recruiting

By Jake Thielen

The College Democrats of America’s website lists chapters at over 500 universities across the country.

Oakland University Student Congress legislator Jonathan Ajlouny is reviving OU’s chapter, beginning this month.

Ajlouny, the group’s president, said the chapter had been dormant since the old president, former student body president Mike McGuinness, graduated.

“I wanted to be involved as much as possible, start planning events and stuff like that, so I started them up again,” Ajlouny said. “I’m trying to get people involved to help political candidates with their campaigns and I’m trying to host events for people to come out, too.”

Ajlouny said he also wants to use the group to let students know that there are political internships with senators and members of Congress available and to educate students about the democratic process.

“My main thing is I want to have political internships available for anybody who wants to,” Ajlouny said. “They’re contacting me to get people, and I know if people knew it was available, they would take it.”

Ajlouny said students can join the College Democrats by simply showing up to one of the group’s meetings. He said the meeting locations change from week to week, but the group typically meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Ajlouny said he’s found that using social media to inform members of the group about upcoming meeting locations has been effective.

“The Facebook group is honestly the best way to go at it,” Ajlouny said. “I usually invite everyone in the group, and I also invite all my friends at OU.”

The Facebook group currently has 51 members. Ajlouny said he hopes that 20 to 30 guests attend the weekly meetings.

The Facebook group can be found by searching for “College Democrats (Oakland University Chapter).” The group also has a Twitter account (@oudemocrats).

For more information on the OU College Democrats, visit the group’s website at