More groups, more opportunity

By Jen Bucciarelli

As the semester continues, the Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development has noticed a constant growth, according to CSA Director Jean Ann Miller.

“Every day we process more and more groups,” Miller said. “Even though the numbers are low currently, it’s because they’re going through registration.”

While low numbers do not mean low participation, students are encouraged to partake in the many organization activities on campus.

“Students can benefit their careers, especially by joining academic organizations,” Miller said. “The activities they do reflect on how well the organization is doing in its entirety. Founding an organization or even being on the executive board of an organization is a great boost to a student’s résumé.”

Currently, there are 182 student and Greek organizations, according to a student organizations handout that was published on Oct. 1. The form is updated monthly to include all organizations that were created during that time period.

CSA offers its groups a variety of different services including, but not limited to, approval to post printed material on campus; banners and table tents; campus programs; events and activities; community service opportunities; commuter services and programs; diversity programs; gender and sexuality center; leadership development; stamps, faxes and a service ticket window.

Greek fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon made its Oakland University debut two years ago, and is currently the largest fraternity on campus.

“TKE is one of my proudest achievements,” said Tom Cruz, founder of TKE. “It was an organization which embodied something that I was passionate about. Now we are the largest fraternity on campus and I can share that passion with a variety of other people.”

The German club will host the “Fall of the Wall” event, a mock recreation of the falling of the Berlin wall, Nov. 8 at 4 p.m. in the Fireside Lounge of the Oakland Center.

The date selected for the event marks the 21st anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin wall, symbolizing freedom for Germany but also the end of Communism, said Ingrid Rieger, club advisor and associate professor of German.

Members of the club will construct a pseudo Berlin wall made from shoeboxes and paint.  During the event, club members and guests will have a chance to graffiti the wall and participate in knocking the wall down to commemorate the event in history.

Joey Meyer, the president of the club, said networking with other groups on campus, obtaining German internships, German film nights with the group and more, are some of the perks of joining a group like the German Club.

The group meets on Fridays at 3:30 p.m. in Room 125 of the OC.  The meeting location changes periodically, so for more information, please visit the club’s Facebook page (The OU German Club) for upcoming events and involvement information.

Students interested in expanding their cultural knowledge without adding another class to their schedule can join the French Club.

“The focus of the club is to celebrate French culture and language and raise the awareness of it in on campus and in the Metro area,” said Audrey Quinn, the group’s secretary.

Some of the activities members of the French club participate in are viewing foreign films at the Detroit Film Theatre, exploring French restaurants in the Metro Detroit area and forming relationships with other French societies.

This month, the French club will host a meeting specifically focused on those students interested in studying abroad in France or participating in the Teaching Assistant Program abroad in the future.

For more information about the group, please contact Quinn at [email protected]