OUSC plans monopoly stock challenge, Redbox

Oakland University Student Congress discussed a $200 stock challenge and a movie rental program at Monday’s OUSC meeting.

James Kaminski, OUSC Scholarship Committee Chair, said he plans to hold a Monopoly stock challenge.

“You have $10,000 in discretionary funds to have, and you can invest in up to five stocks, any five stocks you want,” Kaminski said. “Whoever makes the most amount of money, whoever actually increases their profits the most in one month’s time, will win a first prize of $200.”

The prizes will be given in Spirit Cash. Second place will take home $100 and third place will win $50.

Kaminski said the prizes are geared toward helping students with books or other educational expenses.

“Students have some books that are upwards of $150, and my book was $180,” Kaminski said. “The $200 is an investment towards your education.”

The stock challenge entry deadline is Nov. 26 and the contest will run until Dec 26.

“It’s really geared towards the students who are into finance or business and students who are really interested in the stock market,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski said the stock challenge is open to all students. Entry forms can be found at www.oakland.edu/ousc/awards

Forms must be turned in to Kaminski’s mailbox in the OUSC office, located in the basement of the Oakland Center, by Nov. 26.

Student Body President Brandon Gustafson said he and Student Services Director Brett McIsaac plan on working to try to bring a Redbox movie rental kiosk to Oakland, after plans for a student-run system fell through.

Gustafson said likely locations for a Redbox kiosk would be the Oakland Center or the residence halls.

Jermaine Conaway was approved as Student Programming Board chair. Conaway took over as SPB chair on an interim basis after Jonathan Jenkins resigned in September.

Ashley Marthen was approved as the associate chair of the Student Activities Funding Board.