Late Night Skate Night rolls in



Students ended welcome week with a bang, roller skating into a new semester on a synthetic roller rink inside the Oakland Center.

The 1980s-themed event called “Late Night Skate Night” was organized by the Student Program Board and Center for Student Activities.

According to Jean Ann Miller, director of the CSA, the students involved in the SPB chose the details of the event.

Miller heard about the indoor roller rink and thought it would be a fun event for students.

Attendees could bring their own skates or use the ones provided at no cost.

“I really like what SPB does,” junior Gregg Webb said. ” Students have more fun.”

Since the event needed a theme, the student organizations chose the 1980s said Miller.

Shoulder pads, neon leggings, large hair bows and knee-high socks were just some of the fashionable attire seen on the rink.

Freshman Brandi Odneal wore a complete 1980s look, including a multicolored tutu.

“I wanted to give the 1980s, a little color,” Odneal said. “I like their music.”

The music also followed the theme.  Vintage hits such as “It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C. and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson were played at the event.

Several students stepped out onto the rink for the first time since childhood, some instantly taking a tumble.

“I haven’t roller skated since I was little,”  sophomore Elyse Peterson said. “It was an opportunity to dress up. Why not?”

Peterson, an art education major, had some difficulty skating and didn’t get  very far on the rink.

“I’ve barely ventured anywhere yet,” Peterson said.

Nicole Lockhart, a freshman, biology major had no problem skating.

“(The event) seemed like fun, and I like to skate,” Lockhart said.  “I like to watch people fall.”

Webb, a studio art major, had not yet fallen, but was having trouble keeping  his skates tied.

“I had to go over to the side (of the rink) and tie my shoes,” Webb said.

Students, especially those who live on campus, said they want to attend similar events in the future.

“I hope they have more like it,” Nicole Kogowski, a sophomore physical therapy major, said.