Rec Center kicks off Body Awareness Week

The Rec Center kicked off Just the Way You Are: Body Awareness Week
on Monday.
This is the second year that Oakland University has participated in the
nationally recognized event.The 5-day event, held by the Rec Center and Graham Health Center, focuses on body image and loving yourself.
“It is a topic that is usually tiptoed around. It seems in today’s society, everyone is focused on losing weight rapidly and in unhealthy ways because of the obesity epidemic and the media’s portrayal of ‘beauty,” said Andrea Hill, a senior wellness, health promotion and injury prevention major and intern at the Rec Center.
Different topics are presented each day, including how to help friends that are too
focused on weight and information about eating disorders.
The week closes with a “Day without Dieting,” which includes sweet treats and
inspirational quotes.
“The overall goal of these events is to help students understand what behaviors aren’t healthy, how to change to healthy behaviors and that it is okay to ask for help if they lose control,” Hill said.
Body Awareness Week continues through Friday.