Classes canceled

By Kay Nguyen

Oakland University announced at 3 p.m. that classes after 5 p.m.Tuesday are canceled and are scheduled to resume Thursday morning.

The announcement was met with a positive reaction from students, many who were anticipating the storm and a campus closure.

“It seems like a snap judgement to me,” said Andrew Grieve, a senior majoring in journalism. “I have a night class Tuesdays so it’s good to know that they care about us, and I don’t have to worry about my car being damaged and covered in snow.”

Abbie Alden, a junior majoring in English, wasn’t aware of the campus closing and was surprised at the early announcement. A commuter, she usually has a half-hour commute to campus.

“I think OU was being proactive versus overreacting,” she said.

Students expressed via social media the rarity of a snow day at OU and others, like freshman Josh Kolpak, appreciated the early notice.

Employees are also affected by the closure.

“I’m happy and mad because I need the money, but now I can sit at home and drink hot chocolate,” said Bianca Knight, who works at Subway in the Pioneer Food Court.

There are measures in place for calling a snow day, though it has usually not been decided until the early morning hours.

The decision is made by numerous people, including President Gary Russi, Vice President for Finance and Administration John Beaghan and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Virinder Moudgil.