Students explore careers in health

Over 30 employers provided job information and opportunities to health science students on Friday, March 12 at OU’s annual Human Health Career Exploration Day.

The event, located in the banquet rooms, was open to students majoring in health science or nursing and alumni.

Students were given the chance to network with employers and also explore what jobs are out there.

“It gives students an opportunity to both learn about the industry as well as connect with employers for various job opportunities and career-related experiences,” Michael Stromayer, employer relations consultant for career services, said.

Rashad Gulzar, a senior physical therapy major, attended the event to meet potential employers in person. He thought the event was a good chance to hand out his resumé.

“It kind of lets you get your foot in the door because that’s the biggest thing,” Gulzar said. “You can go apply online, but if they don’t see you face to face, it doesn’t really get you anywhere.”

Both students and employers can benefit from meeting in person because they are able to see how they can interact together.

“A student can meet someone in their field face-to-face and share how they would fit with the organization or learn about the field,” Stromayer said.

Attending job fairs and networking also allows for students to get real life job-hunting experience, which can help them in the future.

“I think it gives them more exposure and more experience in talking to professionals, because they’re going to need that when they go out and try to get a job,” Erika Lojko, an  employer from Macomb County health department, said.

Lisa Hartley, a sophomore radiation therapy major, wasn’t in attendance to find a job. Instead, she was talking to employers about what direction her field is going in.

“I’m trying to see how many job opportunities there are to see if I am going into the right field and how hard of a struggle it will be to find a job,” Hartley said.

According to Stromayer, students should seek out employment information sooner than later.

“You can attend to explore career options and learn about the field,” Stromayer said. “You do not have be searching for a job. Knowing what area and who to target can help you in your decision making and preparation down the road as well.”

Erin Pttkkonen, a senior wellness health promotion and injury prevention major, was trying to stay optimistic about finding a job. Her goal was the come out of the event with a job opportunity lined up.

“I’m going to be graduating April 30, so anything that can get me there. It’s a good networking opportunity I would say. It’s just good to meet people and see what’s out there, that’s why I’m here,” Pttkkonen said.

Students who were unable to attend Human Health Career Exploration Day, or are seeking employment can work with Career Services at anytime.

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