Anthony case is an American media melee

The American judicial system has reached a new low, and we can thank the media for fueling that.

On July 5, 25-year-old Casey Anthony, indicted on charges of first-degree murder of her 3-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, was found not guilty in the state of Florida. I find it Ironic that this domestic disappointment happened right after celebrating our country via explosives.

But Anthony was not convicted of the crime.

This is not the first time in great American history that something of this caliber has occurred. The O.J. Simpson Trial in 1995 is the most infamous case of getting away with murder. Michael Bay accomplished this a few weeks ago with the release of the “Transformers 3” torture.

So why did the Casey Anthony Trial get so much publicity, even before the verdict was final? We’ve seen similar cases happen before, and surely there are numerous other cases across the continents of sociopath parents on trial for child neglect, abuse, and murder.

Thanks to the social websites that smart phones for were built around, like Facebook, Twitter and the newly-born black sheep Google+, everybody who’s nobody has some quip to give on the matter. Twitter accounts such as OSCaseyAnthony are a constant faucet dripping the blackened secretion of diluted information.

A lot of blood-hungry Americans are crying out via the World Wide Web, which has dubbed this case the first ‘Social Media trial of the century.’

The judicial system needs to be adjusted to include these valid and credible opinions of Everyone, America.

The next big trial needs to be decided with whether guilty or not guilty gets more likes or hashtags. Every third check-in gets you an honorary vote.

A large majority of the country thinks Anthony is guilty. If you didn’t know that, you must not have a Twitter account.

Looking at the circumstantial evidence, one could see how that is a feasible verdict. Laundry bags and duct tape were found at the crime scene. A new forensic test discovered a hair in the trunk of Anthony’s car that displayed signs of post-mortem decomposition.

Her own parents even claimed her car smelled like death. That, or Anthony stopped by JC Penney’s and picked up the new Paris Hilton perfume, Afterlife.

Regardless of Anthony’s personal life or any prior “evidence”, Anthony is off the hook, case closed. There is nothing but circumstantial evidence, and unless you are part of the jury or the judge, your mild opinion isn’t going to change anything.

People seem to forget that in this country you have to prove someone committed a crime, not put him or her on TV and say they did something. The Casey Anthony Case has become the 21st Century Salem Witch Trial.

If you’re still looking to point the finger of blame, you can look to the media hype of everyone in this country, because without their gasoline on what was once a small fire, majority of us would have let this trial go right over our heads and kept on eating our Big Macs.

The best thing I can recommend for those still fuming is deep breaths, a handful of hydrocodone and a beer. Take a nice long nap after that concoction and if you’re lucky, you won’t wake up for whatever disaster is coming next, since the social media juggernauts are not even close to slowing.

Those still searching for reform, give it about a year and I’m sure congress will change the stake-burning process to make it more convenient for all of us.