Creating madness at Grizz Madnezz

By Jomar Mabborang

It’s not just madness, its Grizz Madnezz. Oakland University hosted the annual Grizz Madnezz sports celebration on Friday, Oct. 15 at the O’rena to honor the upcoming sports teams and hype up the semester at OU.

Throughout the Week Of Champions at OU, many different smaller events led to the finale of The Madnezz, including the Detroit Pistons drumline, “OU’s Got Talent,” Sigma Pi’s 17th annual pig roast and a BYOB tailgate party.

Matt Parks, a fourth year student at OU, went to the tailgate and Madnezz event last year.

“If it was anything like last year, (I) look forward to it,” he said. “It’s a place to bring students.”

The tailgate, which was catered with quesadillas from OU Student Congress and pulled pork sandwiches from Sigma Pi, was the second time alcohol consumption was permitted at a tailgate on campus.

Ben Eveslage, president of OUSC, said the tailgate was so much fun and was glad to be a part of organizing it.

“It is one of the few times in the year that OU students, faculty, and staff can all celebrate together in the Oakland spirit!” he said.

In anticipation for The Madnezz, a line started forming at the door of the O’rena an hour and a half prior to the event.

Nicole Kogowski, a third year student, came to The Madnezz for the first time her freshman year. Along with wanting to get in the building because she was cold, she was also present for the free items that were suggested with the advertisements.

“All over campus, there were advertisements,” she said. “(I) received two shirts within the week.”

An hour and a half later the line to the doors opening has people rushing in as soon as they open with each person given a water bottle. On the floor, a new stage with a light show was added to the mix. Guest announcer Mason, from the Detroit Pistons kicked off the night. The dance team and cheer team performed then following the different OU teams were presented throwing out shirts and such.

A new addition to the night was a Free Throw Shootout featuring many OU stars like OUSC president Ben Eveslage, Vice President of Student Affairs Mary Beth Snyder, Dean of Students Glenn McIntosh and various basketball coaches and athletic directors, which created a contest with water bottles that were passed out to the first NUMBER of students. There were four teams to represent the four colors on the bottles, and the winning team and people with the corresponding colors were given free OU hoodies.

After the Madnezz wrapped up, Athletic Director Tracy Huth said it went well.

“(We) changed up the format and made it a stage production … featuring the stage on the floor being the focal point,” he said.

He along with other organizations on campus like Student Program Board, OUSC and the student alumni association, started planning the event in July.

Tracy said he wanted to envelope three events in one with the whole theme of The Madnezz with this being the premiere event for students to look forward to. Next year, he hopes the event will be so packed, it will call for standing room only.

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