Father, daughter protest GOP debate

Father and daughter protested the Republican Presidential Debate at Oakland University Nov 9.

Jacqueline Piche, 22 and her Father Joe Michnuk, 52 both from Dearborn, represent the Occupy Detroit movement in an early gathering of media and onlookers outside the debate arena.

Piche carried a homemade sign that read “sex lies and republican candidates.”

“I hope Herman Cain can see it,” Piche said.

The duo has protested together for the last month.

“My daughter is the one who got me involved, “Michnuk said. “I’ve worked my whole life to preserve the American dream and I’m afraid my daughter will never experience it.”

Piche, who just returned from an Occupy Wall Street rally in New York, said she hopes for real change in Michigan.

“We are taking a stand against the candidates today because they are not talking about the 99 percent,” Piche said. “They are only focused on ideology and politics.”

The two were the first Occupy Detroit protesters to arrive on campus but more were later attended.

Prior to this debate, protesters have camped out in Grand Circus Park in Detroit. According to Piche, about 75 tents are in the encampment.

“Protesters are there all day, every day,” Piche said. “And we’ll stay there.”

Michnuk supports his daughter’s efforts. He has helped her set up for past rallies, bringing coffee to pass out during the gatherings in Detroit.

“It’s a real functional community,” Piche said.

“I am absolutely proud of her,” Michnuk said.

As winter approaches, Piche said the movement is already talking about how to continue the outdoor presence once the cold weather hits.