Photo gallery: Caps on campus

By Stephanie Sokol

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Hats are just one way students across campus express themselves through fashion while staying warm.

Animal hats, baseball caps and brightly colored knit caps, in addition to berets and fedoras, are popular among the student body.

Personal preference plays a part, but there are some guidelines to follow.

For warmth, many students stick to faux fur and woolen hats. These provide the most insulation during chilly winter months. Aviator hats and knit caps are great for guys, while berets work well with many popular styles for young women.

“I like my knit hat because it keeps me warm in the winter while still looking good,” Antonio Davis, a freshman, said. “The hat’s pattern is cool and it blocks out the wind.”

They pay close attention to colors. Neutral shades are very versatile, pairing perfectly with a variety of coats and clothes. Or you can choose to go bold with bright shades to contrast and stand out in the crowd.

Embellishments like bows and flowers on women’s hats add extra style and self-expression, while many young men use hats as a place to show appreciation for their favorite sports team.

“Baseball caps (are my favorite kind of hat),” sophomore Clay Spencer said. “They come in a lot of different colors and designs. I like wearing my Detroit hat because it represents my city and favorite team.”


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