Two teams, one university

The newest dance team at Oakland University, Vitality, is looking to gain recognition for the dance talents at beyond Oakland University’s campus.

Founded in the summer of 2011, Vitality is separate from the dance team that performs at athletic games. The new group is a club sport open to men and women and holds tryouts in May. Although all members are expected to be trained in some form of dance, none of the current members are part of the dance program at OU.

Dance styles within the group vary greatly. Group members are trained in  everything from ballet to jazz. Members may also choose to develop a solo, duo, trio or group dance for shows or competitions.

The club will take part in their first competition during the weekend of April 20 at the Starbound National Talent Competition in Waterford. They hope to compete more next season as well.

In addition to the competition, the group will be hosting a show May 6 at Rochester Adams High School. The time is yet to be determined.

Vitality captain Katie Bowe is particularly proud of the way the team works together and is able to develop its own routines.

“My favorite part about being on the team is the friendships I have with all the girls, everyone gets along and works together wonderfully,” she said.

Porzondek enjoys watching her students and team members progress.

According to the coach of Vitality, Sara Porzondek, the fact that the organization is a club sport makes it easier for the participants to have such an active role in the choreographing process.

“It’s a completely different world over in club sports. It’s really nice,” she said.

Alexis Anne DeCapua is the current coach of the OU Athletic Dance Team and said that she’s worried that without witnessing what the two different groups do, members of the OU community will confuse the two teams.

“The Vitality group has a different philosophy, style, and serves a completely different purpose than the official athletic dance team at OU,” DeCapua said. “I am thrilled that dance is popular within the university and wish the Vitality group the best of luck in their competitive endeavors.”

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